Strategy, Innovation Management & Digital Transformation

We provide support and advise for you and your business. Specialized in all business matters from setting up your enterprise, over leadership and development strategies to crisis management and succession planning, we are able to draw on extensive knowledge and practical experience to help you overcome all kinds of challenges management may face.

Together with everyone involved, we assess problems and opportunities to identify realistic solutions for success.

Professional in Supply Chain Management, Trade Finance & Insurance

We consult in the provision of wide-ranging services as Trade Credit Insurance, Trade Financing, Supply Chain Management, Factoring & Reverse-Factoring, Business Process Organization. We offer an entry point for successful Global Debt Collection Services and trustful sources and Compliance Solutions based on trustful Information Providing.

Discover more of our potential by contacting us personally. We are ready to serve you.

Mobility & Automotive

Energy & Ecology

FinTech & Digitalization

Internationalization & Globalization

Internationalization refers to the increasing importance of international trade, international relations, treaties, alliances, etc. Inter-national, of course, means between or among nations. The basic unit remains the nation, even as relations among nations become increasingly necessary and important.

Globalization refers to global economic integration of many formerly national economies into one global economy, mainly by free trade and free capital mobility, but also by easy or uncontrolled migration. It is the effective erasure of national boundaries for economic purposes.

International trade, governed by comparative advantage.

Effective Business Development - Change Management - Innovation Transfer

Clarification of company’s current position and determination of the USP's.

Performance of information about the industry you are in, the geographical area you cover and the market segment you are targeting.

Competitive analysis. Intensify of Client Relations. Discover of new markets and reach out to new clients.

Business Innovation Management and Introduction.

Enhancing the Public image. Increasing market exposure Optimize your online presence.

Development of your company presence and content. Increasing your online exposure.

"Start doing what is for sure efficient and even more effective."

Herbert Pirks - Vita


DEBORGA Consulting & Services Herbert Pirks

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Strategic Business Partners:    GLADA Services SA - BISNODE D&B Switzerland

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